The Best In Music!

I had always cherished the KORG line of keyboards. The sounds that came out of them were so original and so unique. I could play all types of instruments and no one could possibly guess if the sound they heard was coming from the original instrument or my keyboards. The sounds were dead on. In my home studio, I began creating some of the most beautiful music I had ever done. I was proud of myself. Anyone that heard the tunes would compliment me always. When I would begin to play, my family or guests visiting at the time would come down and listen. I always attracted a crowd. I was getting closer to my family now that I was home more. Outings here and there but it didn’t take long for the drama to start. One thing for sure, my father was leaving me alone. He went from a sexual predator to an extreme pervert.  His eyes, always staring at our female parts. Whenever he walked by he had to rub against us. I was older now. I would roll my eyes in disgust. We kept quite for our mothers sake. She was getting old and we didn’t think she could take the news if we did tell her. We also didn’t want to be embarrassed around family and friends who would know of our dark past. They could possibly blame us and we were not prepared for it. We had a whole new fear. Not from him anymore but from everyone else around us. All that would keep us sane was the fact that he wouldn’t go to heaven. He would have to explain to God one day, why he did the things he did to us for all those years. We wanted God to take care of him and we knew he would. 

My second older sister whom at one point years ago, burned her skin with cigarette burns, came to me one night after a family function. She told me he was still attacking her and had now given her the excuse that if she didn’t give in, he would die. The story was that the doctor had apparently given him pills to keep him alive and only the pills along with sex would help. How F*÷;ed up was that? Did it ever dong on you ahole that we want you to die? We had all been anxiously awaiting the time for it to be over? Excitedly dreaming of how sweet our life will be when your gone? So we could actually enjoy life and enjoy our mother without having to look at your face? I guess not. My sister had worked for the bank and was a very important employee. With all the stress at work and with our father, she ended up having a nervous break down. It happened at work. It was so severe that she would need therapists and psychiatrists to help save her life. She would go on to be on disability for the rest of her life.  

She told me that hideous story one night that our father told her and she made me so proud! She told him that if he ever touched her or anyone else again, she would tell and he would spend the rest of his sorry life in prison. What a brave sister!! She stood up for herself and all of us. I couldn’t believe my ears.

I don’t think he would from that point ever touch anyone again. 

The next day was busy with students. The more busy I made myself, the more the time would fly and Marcus would arrive! I just wanted him near me, with me. I felt so safe!

I managed to create some of the most beautiful classical pieces. People would tell me, “Andrew Lloyd Webber, eat your heart out “. I felt so proud. A few days to my angels arrival. I was super excited. I would get to show him everything about me this time. Everything that I grew up with and around. The days took forever to go by. It was like time literally stood still.  I just needed to feel his arms. His lips. I could not sleep or sit still until the day would finally come. 

Author: theangelsforgotme

I will be posting everyday until the story is where I am today. I hope this recorded journey helps at least one person overcome their fears. Please scroll down to the beginning. How it all began. This is my story...

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