Decisions Decisions

Marcus came with me to train a few times while preparing for a Western Canadian competition. He was pretty impressed by Bruce and the power I had. He was living with me in Canada now, which was to be forever. It felt so right and so good to know he had my back. He was “my rock” in every sense. Everything I once did, I did a little better because of him. We had decided to take a trip up to Edmonton Alberta so I could show him the world’s largest mall. We were excited to go spend the weekend alone. No family no interruptions. Our daily routine was obviously boring in a sense but as long as we were together, life was exciting! His kisses continued to melt me. I felt as though I could not breath without them. His tender kissable lips were addicting. We kissed for every reason. If I had to go to the bathroom I would kiss him first, if I left or came back to the house, had to kiss. If I went to take a nap, kisses first and the same with him. Even if he or I went out for a cigarette, had to give kisses first. Every morning and every night. When we slept, there was no possible way that we could sleep without some body part touching. Then we could both fall asleep easily. We were inseparable. I would thank God everyday for giving me this man. I still don’t know where the sky opened up and he fell next to me. He was with me forever and that’s all that mattered. His accent would make me laugh. I always understood what he was saying but forgot that my family members, especially my mother would have difficulty understanding him. I remember many times when Marcus was sitting on the couch with my mother. He would be chatting up a storm. They would chat for hours. As soon as they were done, my mother would come to me in the kitchen and say “what was he saying”? What? The whole conversation, 2 hours and she didn’t understand a word he said? My mother is one of those mama’s that like to pile your dish with food. You can serve yourself but she will always add to it and if your almost done, she adds more. Well, the way Marcus was raised, his mama always taught him to never leave food on your plate. My mother would fill his dish after he was done with another helping. I remember one time he quietly took me aside and said he couldn’t eat anymore but didn’t know what to do? She kept filling up his dish saying she loved a good eater! I finally had to tell her not to keep adding food to his dish. He was going to explode! The family got use to Marcus and fell in love with him. He would soon get comfortable with my family and fall in love with them all. With the exception of my father. He acted civilly around him. Deep down he wanted to kill him. He was a good actor when it came to my father. I felt so protected by Marcus. I knew he would never touch me again. Marcus would kill him for sure.

It was getting harder to go to the gym. I had a competition coming up so I had to go. I was not about to lift anywhere near the weight I did in Vegas. There was no need to kill myself with heavy weights. No one in Canada came close to my lift totals so I could do my warm up weights and I could win. I did. First place. Marcus and my family were so excited and impressed. The radio commentator, while I was deadlifting, said I looked like I was bending down to pick up my underwear! So simple and with no effort. I laughed while doing all my lifts. I ended up with the giggles that whole day and could not stop. Till this day, I don’t even remember why? I was also the only athlete to be running out the back door for cigarettes. One of the massagers that work on the athletes backstage asked me how I smoked and then lifted. I told him the cigarette was my power. He laughed. 

We were to go to Edmonton the following weekend to relax. Marcus and I looked forward to it. The time would finally come. We were packing with excitement! We finally hit the highway for a long three hour drive. Talking about everything the entire way. After our conversation we began to plan our future. Was It the gym? Would we settle down right away? Have babies? Do I continue to work? He was a visitor in Canada. Marcus was not allowed to work yet without the proper paperwork. He had to wait and go stir crazy. Sitting at home all the time. Marcus was a very hard worker. I never questioned that a bit with him.  Always helping others. We always told Marcus he had all the patience in the world. I didn’t. He grounded me. That’s what made us such a perfect couple! We finally arrived in Edmonton. The Fantasyland Hotel. This weekend was going to be so nice!

Author: theangelsforgotme

I will be posting everyday until the story is where I am today. I hope this recorded journey helps at least one person overcome their fears. Please scroll down to the beginning. How it all began. This is my story...

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