Yes, I’m Getting Married!

The weekend was here and we made it to our hotel in Edmonton. The hotel was attached to this great mall. Within the center of it was a huge pirate ship and dolphins in an aquarium swimming freely. When the mall was closed, hotel guests could walk through the mall at night after hours. We preferred to do just that. The first night there, we spent half the night window shopping and playing with the dolphins. He was such a gentleman. Never let go of my hand and always offered me his arm. At the other end of this huge mall, was a section called “Burbon Street”. All the bars and nightclubs were lined up. All indoors. The music was loud. People everywhere. We both didn’t like all the crowds and drinkers wandering around. We decided to go back to our room. Our room was georgous. I always received special offers and room rates where ever I went from my previous work with lasers and fireworks. I knew and had sponsors everywhere that still loved and respected my past work. Our room had a large king size bed in it with a juccuzzi and fireplace. The bathroom had a six man shower in it all made of marble. The room also had a little sitting area of leather couches and a sofa with a small kitchen and bar. Our room greeted is with champagne on ice and chocolate covered strawberries, fresh fruit platters. The next day, we wondered the mall again having breakfast at a small indoor cafe that was designed as though we were out side having breakfast in Paris. After our wonderful meal we went back to our room for a little nap. Nothing wrong with catching up on a little sleep! We were up so late the night before. We slept a pretty long time waking up in the late afternoon. We took our time, got ready and went for an elegant dinner in a five star restaurant in the hotel. It was the first time we tasted crocodile! After a wonderful dinner we went back to our room for some alone time. We made love for what had to be hours.  I cherished every second of his tenderness. We laid in the bed reminiscing about the funny stories that led us to where we were. Next thing I knew, he got up from laying beside me, sat right next to me still lying down and said…”Could I ask you to be my wife? Would you marry me”? I laid there crying. I couldn’t answer him. My heart was overwhelmed. My past 28 years had meant nothing. All the good, all the bad. It all went away. My tears were flowing continuously. Marcus kept wiping them asking me what was wrong. I finally was able to tell him that he had already changed my life for the better. God sent me an angel in his form. He took all my pain away and made me stronger. He taught me how to love again amidst being raped by my father for 20 years. He wiped away all my sadness. He had the power to mend my heart, my soul and my brain. I know the reason this angel was sent to me. He was sent to heal and protect me and he sure was. Was it possible to love a human being this much? “Yes Marcus! Yes of course I will marry you”!! I cried some more. He kept kissing me tenderly for the rest of the night holding me tightly in his arms. I don’t think he planned to purpose to me that night. He did not have a ring but told me he wanted to buy one for me when we returned to Calgary. The next morning, we had another wonderful breakfast and began our drive back to Calgary.  On the way back we stopped for gas. He wasn’t coming back from paying. It was taking him a long time! I noticed him standing at a payphone. When he came back to the car he told me he had called my father to ask him if he could have my hand in marriage. Marcus was such a gentleman. I really didn’t give a crap what my father thought, his approval or disapproval. We really both couldn’t care less but had to act. We were now both good at it. My father of course, said yes. The whole family and the extended family and friends loved Marcus. There was nothing NOT TO love about him. I was engaged! To the man of my life. We arrived in Calgary and was welcomed with screams of excitment. Everyone congratulated us on our engagement.  We couldn’t wait to call the family in Alabama and tell them too. I felt so terrible taking him away from his family. It was a choice he made to do. He knew with my life and career that I couldn’t move to Alabama. We talked a lot about it. I loved his family very much. They were very similar to mine. Their beliefs in God and the love for one another. I especially loved pops. Marcus’s dad. He always made sure to make you laugh. Such a gentleman in his own way. Marcus and his dad had so many similarities. Same body style, hands, feet. Even their laugh was the same. He was such a character. His mama more conservative. We got on the phone and told them of our engagement. We had planned they be here for the wedding to make it official. They agreed. They purchased a beautiful trailer and a new truck to pull the trailer with. They planned to come up and visit us the coming summer. We decided to get married at home with a justice of the peace first. Marcus was still only a visitor in Canada. We wanted to get our life started together right away. Our vows were to be on October 2, 1999. We would commit to each other on that day. A nice small wedding with only close friends and loved ones. Then on July 9, 2000 we would have a full blown church wedding to renew our vows with friends and all our both families. I had found a simple nice white dress suit and Marcus a nice black suit. My family with my sister missing. They were still in Texas. My eldest brother and his wife, my best friend and her husband. A few close uncles and the Justice of the peace. That was it. Why was I so nervous? I couldn’t wait to marry this man. The love and passion I had for him was so strong. Food overflowing with champagne and loved ones surrounding us, we said our vows and we were officially married. Wow!!! It was done! I was married to my soul mate! The man of my dreams! I could now call him ” my husband”. What a wonderful feeling.

Author: theangelsforgotme

I will be posting everyday until the story is where I am today. I hope this recorded journey helps at least one person overcome their fears. Please scroll down to the beginning. How it all began. This is my story...

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