My 46th Birthday Today..

A break from my story with yet another time out. Today is my birthday. My 46th birthday. I must let my readers know that today, which has not really even started yet. It’s 1:38 am. I am not sure what happened or how it happened or even why it happened but I was blessed with so many miracles, my readers would never believe it. No one believes it. Why?? Why me? I’ve looked for miracles all my life. Marrying my husband and having my two children were definate miracles….but this? The biggest most beautiful one ever. It’s still happening my friends. What is going on? Why am I deserving of such miracles? In the process of writing my biography, this is happening. Could this story possibly have a happy ending compared to all the suffering I have experienced over my life time? When I write about this miracle, you will all believe in true miracles once again. I cannot wait to tell you all. Stay posted and close to me. I promise you it will shock you. I can’t hardly believe it myself!


I never thought the day would come that I would finally feel a little satisfaction in all the hell and pain I had been put through so far in this unravelling. The day came when the seizure of Serenas home content having to do with my two corporations was finally here. My husband and I, whom were told not to be present, just couldn’t help being curious so in a parked car down the street, we watched as the bailiffs entered her home forcefully. Serena was not home at the time. I would have loved to watch the horror on her face when they forced their way in making her sit outside and wait. Luckily for her, she was probably out doing some sickened event of hiding or storing her stolen belongings. We waited in the car for hours. Then finally, we saw them coming out one by one with boxes. Placing them in their unit and re-entering the home. This went on for another hour. Box by box. Serena undoubtedly had stolen many items belonging to the companies for them to have seized that much. My husband and I were so grateful and excited! I could not wait to go through the boxes and see all she had stolen. We left the site before being discovered, went home and patiently waited for the bailiffs to call us with their discoveries. A few hours later, the call came. Our chief bailiff gave us his address and informed us that they had seized quite a few boxes and items from Serenas home belonging to me. We were told we could come by in the late afternoon to view them. It seemed like forever and the clock seemed to be on a standstill. It just wasn’t moving. Finally! It was time. We drove downtown and parked. As we entered the bailiffs storage unit, they informed us that they had spent almost five hours copying everything they found. They would retain their copy of evidence as long as we needed them too. This was done for two reasons. First, we would not be able to embellish or shred any evidence taken from her home. This was a great idea as she would stoop that low to say we did certain things to the documents. Secondly, if we lost any of our evidence, they would have a copy of it all. Great idea! Marcus and I entered the storage unit where the seized items were placed. I was horrified. How was she able to steal this much? How did no staff member notice? What was her intentions, her goal? Ninety percent of my caregiver/ nanny files were there with employer files. All confidential! She had no right taking them out of the office. One box only, of receipts was recovered. Through the grapevine, I learned she had destroyed all the receipts and threatened a staff member to delete all accounting files on the computer including email messages before she left. The bailiffs had found some banking statements near liquid paper and in the photocopier. She was up to something with altering their numbers. I would not be able to see what that was exactly until we received all the original statements from the bank. Low and behold….a red file folder was pulled from a box.  Kumas file. My evidence!! Serena had stolen it and took it home. Unfortunately, I was then told from another staff member that she was caught taking it a few months back and was watched as she took papers out of it and shredded it in the supply room before taking the entire file of what was left, home. One of the most important documents was the original package that Kuma was doing with us for Humanitarian & Compassionate. Kuma told the police I made her do a study permit in which she was to hide all her money with me from the government, which was a lie. I told her to do the humanitarian compassionate proving how much money she had for greater success. I now had the evidence! That is why Serena stole the file. She tried to cover up her tracks but she missed a few, thankfully. I could still not piece together why Kuma had to lie. Why was Serena stealing files and covering so many things up. What did Serena and Kuma have to do with each other? More web and puzzle pieces. We dug through more stuff and found an external hard drive. It went missing from my office after she left originally. The bailiffs pulled up some of the content and it showed Serena sending all my original templates for both corporations to Owen. All our secured private files and information regarding the corporations to Owen. That was all making sense. We discovered that Owen, Leann and Serena were devising a take down to get rid of me and open another business using my corporations documents and everything. They had all signed disclosures in which the bailiffs also seized from Serena. Those files of the signed disclosures went missing right when Serena left. If I couldn’t prove they signed them, they could move on to open any business they wanted to exactly to mine. Stunningly, the bailiffs also seized the new businesses information and documents. The trio had already been in the works of opening up this new company! Completely mimicking mine! We went onto the internet and sure enough! There is was. A new company called “The Help”. I’ll be damned! They completely copied everything I had worked on for so long. They thought stealing the disclosure signed papers I had would mean I was helpless in going after them. Ha! There they were, in my hands. Not surprisingly, a few days after the seizure, the companies website was taken down and the business diminished fast. It was noted that the business was up and running the day after she left my office. Sneaky hey? We managed to get all the boxes including all the strong evidence ones back to the office. We locked them into the first office, I took the mandatory “red file” that was to save my life with me and we drove it straight to my lawyers office for safe keeping. Over the next few days, I imagined how sweet it would have been to be there to see her face when she got home that day. Her home ransacked and shambled with papers everywhere. They explained to me what had to be done and the more they spoke, the happier I felt. One officer took me to the side and chuckled. He said upon going through her bedroom closet, he found quite a large treasure chest full of sexual toys he had never ever seen before. It was full! Things that would terrorize him and look at foreplay in a whole new way. He said he had to empty the chest to look for possible hidden evidence underneath. Lastly, he chuckled even more explaining to me that bailiffs are not expected to put things back in order! Could you imagine her surprise when she went up to her room? Oh my, that was funny. I still laugh about that today. Veronica, one of her assistants and one of my staff went through the entire seized boxes making more copies of everything and labeling all the evidence. The evidence checklist took up four binders. It was all finally done so we called the same policeman that demanded everything be given to him on a silver platter. He never returned our call. A few days later, we all arrived at work at a similar time and one by one, started to notice weird things around us like white stuff all over the carpet in the lobby, a staff members back door in her office that led out to the elevator, unbolted. The handle was locked but the bolt wasn’t. That was strange. It was a busy morning so we had no time to really think about it and went on with the days plans. Veronica came into my office saying she needed to use the hard drive to compare her notes to the ones Serena secretly listed. Gone! It was not where I had placed it. Staff members began coming out of their offices inquiring about why that was covered in white dust and why this was moved and so on. Within seconds, it donged on all of us together. We had been robbed. Unbelievable! We all looked shocked but after the initial hit, everyone knew exactly who it was and she didn’t do a great job hiding it this time. After all of us began putting our heads together over how she achieved to break and enter into the office, it was simple minded for her. Serena had managed to go up a ladder through our front locked double doors drop ceiling. She moved the ceiling boards to go over the locked doors and into the office. Upon her madness of stealing back most of what the bailiffs retrieved, she left through the side door locking only the bottom handle to exit. Leaving behind the debris of white dust from the ceilings everywhere. My assistant told me a story about while I was gone on holidays. Canada Revenue Agency was coming to speak to us about our payroll taxes not being paid. Serena knew ahe couldn’t keep hiding her secrets and lies she was continually devising so she panicked. Upon CRA’s arrival that day, the story was told to me that Serena began standing on her desk in a haste, moving the drop ceiling boards and hiding boxes in the rafters. My Staff, at the time, was puzzled about her madness and only now, did they see why she was hiding it. If I was such a bad person and president refusing to pay, why wouldn’t Serena prove my apparent guilt right then and there when they were coming. What a perfect opportunity to tell on me! Of course with her devising her scandal, hiding it all would protect her from committing fraud. At this point, Serena began telling family members it was not her that broke in. She said she had an alibi that she was in Edmonton over the weekend so it could not have been her. Funny thing, we were told a security guard saw her pull up in a large van. A passenger which was described as her girlfriend, waited in the car. It was eleven thirty at night. Thank goodness for our witness.  Serena stood firm with her alibi story for a few days. I knew she would have a breaking point. We tempted to bait her with a mutual friend whom still spoke with her. One evening they had gone out to their talking space in the country.  It was then, when our friend told her about a security guard witnessing her, that she confessed. Serena said she was there but didn’t steal anything. She was just curious how things looked from the glass doors. My ass. That had to be the lamest excuse. You show up at the office just before midnight with your girlfriend in your step dads big white van just to check out what the office looks like? Bullshit. I had her. As soon as she was told we had a witness, her whole story changed. Thankfully of all the items she had stolen once again, the files that were important were not there and saved in a special place away from the office. What nerve. When we reported the break and enter with witnesses, the police still did not respond right away. They kept telling us they were coming but never came. Again, strange. More pieces of the puzzle I had to put together. I later learned that her step dad had many friends through his brother with local RCMP and police. No wonder. Slowly slowly, I began to realise that every question I so desperately had unveiling this web, had a simplified answer. I just had to be patient, wait and search for it. It would soon come. I just had to take a deep breath. The answer would unravel before me, eventually.

Could It Get Worse? Ohhhh YES…it sure did..

Forged cheques. Approximately one hundred and seventy seven thousand dollars worth of forgery. Shocked? Um yes. Was I that bloody dumb? The more I unravelled, the stupider I began to feel. I had such successful businesses in the past. It seemed as though everything I touched turned golden. I was so proud of my experiences and the knowledge I gained from all of them. How could I let someone do this to me? I learned from the past that I pay people to do what they do best. I have trust in them to do their job to the best if their ability. I had never had a problem with that structure. I now learned that when you have an internal staff member set out to steal from you and become a snake, a serpent within your organisation, they will get away with it but will eventually be discovered. I was not on top of my game when it came to financial security measures. Uncertain questions while Serena was in the office all slowly became answered. I would soon hire a private investigator to give me more unbelievable discoveries. Serena was not actively meeting with the hired chartered accountant and had not attended school with the money I had given to her. I also began to learn more of her past. One thing Serena use to boast about was stealing money from her step dad. He apparently had ten thousand dollars in cash under his sink in the bathroom in the wall. Serena and her brother knew of this cash and stole it splitting it fifty fifty.  They called police when they discovered the missing money and until today her parents think it was just a thief! Serena hated her step dad. She was a lesbian and her step dad never understood it being very against it calling her terrible names. That was her reason, she told us, for  stealing the cash.  I didn’t blame her then. Serena had made it as though he deserved it. The investigator also enlightened me on her previous jobs. Fired from almost all of them or quit after she had stolen something before the company was on to her. Serena use to work for FedEx delivering packages. She had stolen a package out of her truck with only curiosity and filed it missing. When she got home, she opened it to discover ten, ten thousand dollar valued diamond rings! She panicked and put the rings in a jar burring them in her back yard and getting rid of the evidence in a construction site, near her home. I truly never understood if she quit shortly after or was laid off but the detective also discovered that she had been getting paid unemployment insurance money for quite some time! That explains why she never wanted a cheque for her salary when she started working for us and for the year to follow. I had no idea of all this. The web was now starting to unravel faster. The landlord of our office came in to see us one afternoon. I asked him, in front of all my staff, “have we ever been late for our rent or missed ONE payment since we have been here”? He replied “never, actually you guys have always paid on time and some months earlier than needed “! The entire staff looked around at each other shocked as he had just confirmed another one of Serenas lies to apparently “Leave this office! Rent has never been paid in three months and they are going to lock us out”! Lies and more lies. At that point, the entire staff came to me apologizing for not telling me of her caniving schemes as they happened and believed her fully without ever coming to ask or question me. The hand that was feeding them. In a way, I was angry that they believed all her hatred towards me and her tall tales. Never once did any one of them come to me, even out of anger, and asked me why I was apparently stealing from the company! One of the biggest lies she kept telling them when all the while, SHE was stealing it left and right. A staff member telling me something like that would be a huge trigger to stop this web from getting bigger but they said they were scared to tell me so she was able to go on and on..threatening them to never talk to me or I would fire them! Ha! Veronica also went on full detective investigations finding the first few fraud cheques done and calling our contractors to ask them how they received their payment. Low and behold, she discovered that all the contractors we had she had told us only accepted cash, actually all were paid by cheques! Forged cheques! To explain this web of disaster properly, this was her thievery, she would tell me a list of bills that would not accept a cheque and only accepted cash for payment. She would then send me to the casino (as these predicaments would only happen AFTER banking hours) to pull out huge amounts of cash to cover the bills. I would then arrive at work in the morning with a huge wad of cash for these bills. Serena would then disappear for the day with the cash. She would then forge cheques to pay the bills, show me the receipt that it was paid and pocket the cash. Get it? No wonder we were always broke!!! Making so much money but could never afford payroll? The numerous loans taken out to put into the company to pay bills and payroll. So apparently, we were paying twice for every bill!!! Twice for every payment! No wonder! That little bitch.  The staff told me that she would forge my signature all the time in front of them. Actually boasting about how perfect her forgery was! “Why would nobody tell me this people”?? I was so angry. Did they feel in any way, it was normal to forge someone’s signature on government and financial documents? So, the staff replied to me with “we found it weird but she always told us that I apparently gave her permission to do it”. Oh my goodness. Are you kidding me now.  How stupid is that? Oh yeah, you have my permission to sign my name where ever you need to sweetheart…. how bloody dumb is that? I had always left Serena with at least ten signed cheques if I was ever away from the office and something needed to get paid.  Ironically, upon our investigations, she never used the ones I signed. They were all discovered in a file mixed with many files under “B” for banking after her departure. Until today, that piece of the puzzle makes no sense. Why forge my name when perfectly signed cheques by myself were in your care? Again, that is the last piece of the puzzle and the take down of the web that I have not today been able to solve. Veronica contacted our bank immediately with myself and put out a warning through the banking system to not allow any further cheques to process while the investigation was in full effect.  I began hearing more from staff members that they found  it odd Serena was able to afford to eat out three times a day and afford the expensive clothing she wore.  She told some staff members she was saving money to cut her breasts off. She was sick of duct taping them flat. Her girlfriend and her also wanted to invitro a baby or adopt in Mexico where her girlfriend was from. Big plans with a big budget. An insider friend told me that whenever she had extra cash, she would hide it in burried jars in her backyard or in the back of her jeep. Another staff member began showing me picture of girls wearing diamond rings with their boyfriends proposing to them. The same rings that she stole. Serena was selling them undercover to previous clients whom had become friends to her, for one thousand dollars each. Um yes, that was something I could totally see her doing with all I had learned. It was time to call the police. An officer came to our office and we all spoke uncontrollably about all we had discovered. When we were all done, he didn’t look concerned or shocked at all. Strange. He gave us his business card and told us he would have to go to his chief with the evidence on a silver platter. He wanted us to continue our investigations and instructed veronica with how he wanted things presented. Then call him when all was complete. Horse shit. Wasn’t that his job? Isn’t that why we called you? If someone forged even five dollars on a cheque with someone else’s bank account, the police would be on them as fast as flies on cow dung, charging them with theft and forgery under five thousand. Was one hundred and seventy seven not large enough? Whatever. He left and the tedious task of finalizing our investigation was again underway. Speaking to my lawyer friend about the whole police ordeal, he gave me a wonderful suggestion. He told me to hire bailiffs and have her house ransacked in hopes to find missing puzzle pieces. Critical pieces to stand along side my witnesses such as receipts and files. Two thousand dollars later, it was scheduled. I three days I was hopefully going to get my companies property back.

What A Web!!! have to be kidding me..#&÷%?

A few months after Serena left, still puzzled at all the ongoing chaos that never seemed to end, significant changes to the staff began to happen. The entire staff began looking extremely puzzled as I was and we worked but they stayed hushed.  So many problems began to arise from the accounting and the books of both companies. I ended up hiring a forensic accountant to get to the bottom of what was going on. We began to get calls from our Canadian Tax company looking for payment, including many other bills that seemed to NOT have been paid. The accountant/ bookkeeper was recommended to me from my long time lawyer friend. She was Latina with her staff all Latinas and her personality was very sweet yet professional. Her name was Veronica. She had a wonderful way of removing all my stresses from me and taking charge of the past and present accounting issues we were having since Serena left. One day, which was the day that changes all our lives, my uncle, the closest one to me, came to visit with his wife. He came to my office to chat with me about a caregiver/nanny. He had employed one for almost five years and now was needing someone new as his was moving on to become a nurse in the hospital. We had a great time laughing and chatting with stories of my mother and how fun it was raising two kids as he had raised four very successful ones. The entire time we were chatting in the office, my staff would staggeringly come in and out with extreme puzzled looks on their faces as they left. I could not understand what was wrong with them? During our meeting my receptionist came to the office to tell me the internet company was on the phone for me and it was urgent. While my uncle listened, I answered the call on speaker phone trying to understand what the urgency was? The told me we had not paid our internet cable bill in six months and we were being disconnected within twenty four hours. What??? Six months of nonpayment? That was not possible. I knew for a fact Serena had shown me the receipts of payment so something was wrong. The cable company asked us to prove we made the payments so I told them I would definitely send those off right away. In the meantime to avoid disconnection, my uncle spoke up with his credit card offering to make the payment right then. I told him no, I would send them a check right away via FedEx and everything would be fine. It was sweet of him to offer to help like that but we could make the payment just fine. Soon after the call, a few staff members came in and began chatting with my uncle and I as well. Everyone was laughing. I looked over at my aunt as she was beckond to go into my assistants office. Soon after, my aunt came out to me and told me it was very urgent that I go into my assistants office and speak with her. From laughter, everyone suddenly had an extreme worried look on their face. I got up right away and went into her office. As soon as I sat down, four other staff members joined us. My assistant looked up at me on the brink of tears and said, “I think we have a huge problem. I think we all made a huge mistake. Please listen to me”. I did a double take at her fragile and concerned voice. ” Please, I told her, please tell me what is going on”? From this moment on, what she was about to tell me would be the start of an entirely huge spider web the size of a fifty floor office highrise, that began to unravel while in all, putting a huge puzzle full of millions of unknown pieces, together. The words to come out of her mouth would start the entire process. She began by saying ” as soon as we heard your uncle was coming to see you, the entire staff was surprised! Serena told us for the longest time that he hated you. He hates his sister (my mother) and all the family. He had nothing to do with any of you and Serena told us he refused to speak to you or your entire family. We cannit understsnf why he has been here for the last two hours laughing and giggling with you and we can see and hear the love, care and respect he has for you. That is totally NOT at all what Serena said. We know she is your cousin and we believed her. Seeing how he is here with you is making all of us talk behind your back to try to understand all what Serena has been telling us. What may be true or not. We are now starting to believe that everything she has been telling us has been a lie”. All the other staff members were nodding their heads in agreeance to what my assistant was saying. My uncle and aunt kisses me and said they had to leave but he would call me later to further understand what was happening now. After he left, the staff all sat down and we began to talk. All they were about to tell me shocked my inner core. Serena had apparently been telling the staff numerous lies trying to force them to quit on me. That was her plan. The more we all talked the more it became certain what she had been doing behind my back for almost eight months. She had been stealing and lying through her teeth. Serena had become so jealous of me and my businesses and to top off her jealousy, when the money from Kuma was gifted to me, she demanded a huge raise in salary from three thousand dollars a month to almost seven thousand dollars a month tax free. When I told her no and that I would pay for her schooling first to be accredited for her work, she took the money, did not go to school and became increasingly angry and jealous. Owen, the man whom was a friend and business partner was feeding into her lies about me as well. Her purpose? She was trying to figure out a way to remove me from my presidency so Owen could take over the business and pay her the salary she wanted. Serena, over eight months, lied to my staff some horrendous stories trying to get them all to hate me. To make them quit. The plan was for Owen, Leann and Serena to take over the company. Serena was threatening the staff daily behind my back telling them I was streaking money from my company and gambling all the time. That I had never bothered to pay our rent in the office so we were going to get booted out anytime now! Gambling?? That’s a good one. Again, the web unraveling and the puzzle pieces being put together, Serena, many times would tell me that we needed four thousand sometimes six thousand, always thousands of dollars to pay certain bills that never accepted cheques or money orders. There was no bank when I got off work, opened. Serena told me that if I went into a casino, I could pull out any denomination of cash paying a small withdrawal fee. I told her that sounded weird and what about the books? She assured me that as long as she had a paper trail to account for why the cash was pulled out, all would be fine. I listened to her assurance always. I thought, not only was I then paying a chartered accountant to teach her how do to our books with what was allowed and not allowed, she was family and would not put me in danger.  Wow was I wrong! The staff told me that for the past eight months, Serena had been saying nothing but hideous and disgusting things about me trying to get my entire staff against me. To believe I was this terrible hateful person.  She had almost everyone convinced except my sister and niece whom were of course family and knew she would be feeding them lines of shit. Serena also didn’t include another staff member who was the sister of my lawyers assistant. Serena was smart. She knew who would believe her tales and whom wouldn’t. That is a classy thief for you. The entire staff soon went on detective work. Trying to unravel all the lies told to them to get to the heart of this web, this puzzle of why? What was she up to? Veronica, my new accountant, was discovering more and more stomach turning pieces of evidence everyday. Strangely, the office could not turn up one single receipt. All the bills paid and all the payments, all our bank statements had disappeared. Particular files of clients were coming up missing as well. Canada revenue agency for our taxes then paid us a visit through all the mayhem and we could not provide them with anything. Even the receipts we got from our members of gifts we had given them and the financial aid they received from us continuously. Vanished. The tax people at the end of our meeting, told us they were going to so a review of the taxes we still owed for payroll. When all was done, we were told that Serena had paid five members of our staff full salary without taking any taxes off. We were hit with a ninety eight thousand dollar tax bill. Wow! Unbelievable! What had Serena done? Why? I had so many questions. I spoke to my brother on several occasions and he advised me to stay quiet until we could unravel a bit more. My brother, whom was still battling multiple myeloma cancer and dialysis whom didn’t die as doctors told him he would by August end. The Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary had found a doctor that specialized in his Cancer and would soon save his life. The doctor would bring his Cancer numbers down so drastically to almost cancer free. It’s funny how one doctor can burry you and another can save your life. Through his sickness, he was also consumed by this web that had been created behind my back for so long. Dumbfounded as to how family can do something like that to family. Just when I thought things were bad… haha…not even close! This was just the beginning.

Coming Home To Chaos..

We finally had arrived home from our little much needed vacation. It was actually nice to be back but I longed to be sitting on the lakeshore again soaking up some rays. It was the 24th of August, 2011. I pulled onto the driveway and my first call before going into the house was to Kuma. I was excited to talk to her and see how she was doing in the week I was gone. She answered the phone and I said “Hey! I’m finally back! Hope your ok. How have things been since I left”? She replied, “call my lawyer”. What? I asked her again if everything is ok and she said it again, “call my lawyer”. I hung up the phone and was puzzled by that kind of a response. A lawyer? Which lawyer? What? I immediately called my lawyer and he was out of town for a few more days. His associate told me that Kuma had contacted them and had asked me to sign the homes back to her. I told him I just arrived from my little vacation and have not even entered my home yet but I would continue on to his office and sign the homes back. That was the deal in the first place. When her sister left, I would return the homes to her all fixed up and done as well and they were. I remember driving pretty fast to the lawyers office trying to get some more info as to what was going on in my absence. When I arrived, I met with the associate and all he could tell me was that Kuma had contacted them and had asked me to sign the homes back. The associate knew a little about what had happened originally. I explained to him that when I left Kuma a week earlier, she was blowing kisses to me and crying on the driveway. We were going to miss each other a lot. Our friendship had really escalated the last week before I had to leave for a little while. I was so confused. Nothing made sense and no one had answers. I signed the homes back and left the office. That evening I sent Kuma a text. I pretty much told her I did not understand what was going on and would appreciate an explanation. I told her I had signed the homes back as that was what the deal we had made together in the lawyers office a while back. I told her she didn’t need to involve lawyers. If she wanted whatever back, just tell me. What the heck were lawyers for? If she didn’t want to talk to me anymore, just let me know. She acted as though I had done something totally awful. I had done everything she asked me to do so why was this happening? Wow was I ever confused. She never answered my text. The following morning, I went in to the office to see how things were. Everyone at the office were happy to see me but there was a weird vibe in the air. I called Serena to come see me and go over what had happened in my absence over the week. It was pretty much the same as when I left was what she told me. It was work as usual in the office and I kept trying at any chance I got to reach Kuma and get to the bottom of what was going on. As the week went on, I noticed the staff not talking to me very much. A few of them were normal but the rest were always congregating in each other’s offices with Serena. Leann met with me in my office and told me she and her husband had backed out of being directors. They sent me a letter formalizing it. What? You can’t just back out. The non for profit required five directors. In a way I was glad because her jealousy had taken new heights. Owen would come to visit often but instead if spending a lot of time with me he would be with Serena and some other staff members. Strange. Serena sister whom I helped land a job with Owen was getting snobby in her talking to me. It was weird. So many things were weird but I was too busy to focus on all of it. A few days went by and i got to work as usual in the morning. Serena was always late as usual and not around to give me the previous days report. In my office, sorting out some files, my phone rang and I was told that police officers were coming to my office to see me. I thought it may have had to do with something a client had done. Once in my office, they began asking me questions about Kuma. At first I thought she may have been in some sort of trouble. Then they began asking me about the homes that were signed over to me. I had asked them to wait while I called Serena and asked her to get me Kumas file as all my evidence of our transactions were in it. The file and Serena were no where to be found. After explaining what had happened to the police, they told me that Kumas lawyer was starting an investigation. Her lawyer was wanting the homes signed back to Kuma. I had explained to the police that the homes were signed back a few weeks earlier already. All of this was not making any sense. Lastly, I told the police that the lawyer Kuma was using was also her boyfriend and an immigration lawyer to boot. He had physically abused her for over two years. They seemed surprised. They thanked me for my information and were on there way. The few months following the whole ordeal, Serena began acting very strange as were many of my staff members. I began to get emails harassing me for the return of the funds. I had agreed to give back the funds that were left over from fixing Kumas homes. It was around ninety thousand dollars. The harassment became more overwhelming as he began to demand the full gifted money back. That was impossible. It was already spent on upgrades to the office. Computers, equipment, bigger offices and hiring more staff. Serena had made me a paper describing all the spending and where it went. It sure was a long list. Kumas file was still no where to be found as all my evidence was in it that Kuma had given me and our agreements via letters she had written to me and dropped off at my office on her frequent visits to do her papers. When I was busy or unavailable, I would always have a letter from her. I had three. Everything, however, was now vanished. No one knew where they were. No file, none of her paperwork, nothing. Her lawyer would not stop harassing me and threatening to call police if all the money was not returned. What??? I was so confused. Firstly, the money and the homes were not my idea. Factually, it was done in the presence of a lawyer. How could this all be happening. I was so nervous and angry. I needed to get to the bottom of what the heck was going on. As the new year approached us, staff got really laxy daisy. Almost all of them calling in with sickness or appointments. We decided to close the office for the Christmas week. My mind, through Christmas and New Year’s was very unsettled. I had no answers and no one was talking. In the new year, Leann had decided to leave us. That was a good thing because I truly couldn’t stand her and her jealousy anymore. Owen was staying far away from the office which was strange as his office for the skilled workers was in our office manned by Serenas sister. I finally had given into the threats from Kumas lawyer and told him via email that I would pay back all the gifted money. It was not right, not fair but if she truly wanted it back, I was not a mean person. I couldn’t care less about giving it back. I didn’t give a shit about the money. I had promised that I would pay weekly until the end of June. Six months away. The letter and promise also stated that by the end of June, what ever the remaining balance was, would be paid off in one lump sum. My brother had offered to take care if the balance then I would owe him back for it. He knew I was good for it. In February, Serena told us she was leaving too. So instantly. It was now very strange. Why would she just up and want to quit? On her last night, emptying her office, I was to be there as were a few volunteer workers. My husband helped her take files to her car. We spoke earlier and she mentioned that she wanted to take over the caregiver division and offered me ten thousand to buy it from me. I had agreed to take installment payments so she could work from home. The night of her leaving, my husband helped with the files and some of the furniture. Serena had given us both hugs and was on her way. I thought something was strange the entire time but had no idea, the terrors and turbulence with an extreme life changing chaotic derailment I was in for. It would soon change my life and all those whom knew me, completely upside down. I had no idea it was just around the corner. 

Today Is Going To Be Another “Worst Day Of My Life”…hope I can get through it…

Life’s been a long fight. Still fighting. Looks like I will be fighting for a long time. Not sure how much fight I have left in me but for now, it’s all I can do. How long can someone fight for something they cannot control? How long can one fight? Depression is a silent killer and I can feel why. Numb all over, shaky hands and a heart that tweeks pain on 10 minute rotations. Can’t sleep much, wish I could. I have to make it through this day. Monday October the 2nd, 2017. I need this day to be over fast. A friendly seated hug with a back pat. I would have never guessed my life would be like this today. As I blog my book, I am forced to reminisce my life. My internal hidden depression keeps trying to show it’s ugly face then my emotions run high shortly afterwards. Please someone help me, help me make it through this day today… I’m going to need all the help I can get. Dear God, I’ve prayed until my hands got sore. Can’t sleep. It’s morning. Going back to bed now. Hopefully I can sleep this day away but this torture won’t let me off that easy. What is a humans possible breaking point? It’s close. I’m waiting for it. Now back to my life story where I left off last…

After 27 Years…I Finally Got A Mini Holiday!

Finally, the day arrived. I had made sure my staff were all ok. They called a meeting of directors in the morning and I was to head out afterwards. The meeting was a little odd. Owen was there with Leann and my liaison for employers including Serena and she had also called in a friend of hers to take notes. Strangely, they kept talking about the finances of the business leading questions towards me. They didn’t seem happy with the answers. Serena was in charge of all money and had the bank cards and cheques. She was the one to five me the financial reports so she new about all that was happening. They told me that all cash should go through Serena? I told them it already does. The only cash I ever had on me was when Serena was not there or left early. I had the cash at the end of the day in which I always gave her by morning. She had the reports from the debit machine every morning as well. My niece who worked reception would always take any cash payments and give them to Serena. Odd meeting. It strangely felt as though I was trying to defend myself and I wasn’t sure why. Towards the end of the meeting, Owen mentioned something about a large investor coming into to business. I was shocked. Serena must have told him about Kuma but I could not understand why. I told Serena a while back about everything that had happened. She new I was going to tell everyone when I got back. Why would she tell Owen? I told him that I would discuss what happened when I returned from this holiday after a week. I did not want anyone to know anything. It was no ones business. When the strange meeting was over, I had to really think about what it was actually called for. Nothing of real importance of the ” happening now” was discussed. Nothing about clients or members or situations. Directors meeting were to cover many issues at hand but it was only about me and the past. Weird? The meeting was over and everyone hugged me and wished me a safe holiday. I noticed Serena had left the staff room quite angry. Trying so hard to show as though she was fine. Many weird things were happening that morning. Staff whispering, actually working, other staff members congregating in each other’s offices. I decided to just leave it all alone. If I started asking questions, it would turn into another meeting followed by another and I would never leave! I only had one week and the clock was ticking! Just then, I received a call from my brother. This whole vacation was his idea. Fighting multiple myeloma cancer, just coming out of a coma, doctor have him only three weeks to live. He wanted this holiday for immediate family members. To have one last gathering in his most precious and happiest place. On a lake, fishing. My brother had to have dialysis every second day. We had to book his dialysis appointments near the lake we were going to in British Columbia. My brother had called sounding sad. I immediately thought something was wrong with his health that had maybe gotten worse! Rob told me that there was no way he could go on this vacation he planned. He had previously booked his dialysis on the days we were all to be at the lake. All was booked and well. The nurses had apparently just called him telling him that because he was not a B.C resident, he was not priority to other patients that WERE from the area. They would get the dialysis over him in priority sequence. He was unable to go. It was so sad. He was dying, had one last wish and it couldn’t happen. He called me insisting that I take my sister’s and my mother, everyone that was suppose to go, anyways. Regardless of his situation. We would definitely not get a refund if we cancelled as we gave them no notice what so ever. We were all expected to be on the boat by the evening and ready to set off by morning the following day. It broke my heart. I called the family and they had already known the change in plans regarding my brother. My only uncle who was close to us amongst many uncles, promised he would do everything in his power to make sure our brother was ok. My brother also made me swear one thing to him, to promise. We were all not allowed to tell our mother about his not being able to make it. His only wish was that our mother went on this boat and took a little relaxing moment. It was only one week. The staff wondered why I had all of a sudden seemed sad. I told some of them the truth about my brother and others, well, they were taking such advantage of me, I didn’t care for them to know anything. It surely was no business of theirs. I finally made it out of the office and the whirlwind I had just experienced. It felt so nice to walk to the car, walk away from the office and just have a break. Everyone was ok. Everything around me was ok for now. I could not wait to get home and hit the road. I think I was more excited for the drive than the actual boat. The drive to B.C. was known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. The trees, mountains, wildlife and waterfalls. The smell of fresh pine. I loved it. The best thing as well? My new camaro convertible. I was so excited to get it on the highway and see how it would preform. Marcus, myself, the kids and my niece were to go in the first convoy, the rest of them, shortly thereafter. We had finally left the house and were well on our way! The highway was beautiful! Sin was shining, the top was down on my new car and the views were felt so wonderful to be away from everything! When we arrived, we checked in and they told us which boat was ours. We had all the luggage and food with us. It was our job to load the boat and have everything ready before the rest of them arrived. They had big bins with wheels that you load and push and a long dock filled with boats. We were to put our stuff in these huge bins to assist us in taking our stuff to our appointed boat without having to make too many miniscule trips. Even with the bins, it would take forever because we sure were loaded! After almost two hours, with Marcus doing most of the trips and me having to stay in the boat to arrange the stuff including fridge and freezer stuff that needed the coolness right away, Marcus was getting exhausted and I could see that but there was no extra help anywhere. After a little time passed, I could hear rowdyness on the boat docked right next to us. It was a boat full of bachelor’s. They were having a bachelor party on the lake and after talking to them, were going to spend a week houseboating. They noticed Marcus making several trips and when a few of them came into the boat, they were astonished by the amount of food and stuff we had. “Twelve people for a week” I told them. One gentleman came up to me and asked for a roll of papertowel. In return, he would get his buddies to help Marcus bring our stuff down from the car to the boat. That was great!!!! I thanked them profusely and they went to grab bins and begin helping Marcus with all that was left. After that exhausting job, we finally finished. It was dark. Everyone else was suppose to land by morning. As soon as they all arrived, we were going to take off! The morning arrived quickly and we were so excited! We were all on the boat and anxious to leave. It was an intense feeling of freedom as the boat left the marina. I was so overwhelmed with the views and the smells of lake and fresh trees pine. With all I was going through at work and with my brother fighting for life, it was nice to see a smile on everyone’s face. I remember thinking a week would not be long enough but everyone had to get back to their jobs and I had to investigate the weird directors meeting we had the day before. It played heavy on my mind but I didn’t want to ruin the only little peaceful vacation I was just starting. The meaning of family fun? Go houseboating. We spent our days fishing and swimming. Sun tanning and cooking. Cooking was actually an understatement. When we caught a fish, the frying pan on the bbq was ready! Between all the meals for the day, the hot sun and the scenery, one couldn’t help but totally unwind. My sister’s daughter was with us and her son who was only one years old. He was the highlight our trip. His cuteness overload and pudgyness was more than us aunties could take. We would beach somewhere every night and enjoy a fire while some of us enjoyed the upper deck jacuzzi under the stars. Every morning, in the wee early hours, we would have races on who got up to make their coffee first and get to the back of the boat to grab a rod and throw a line in! Only three people could fish at one time. A line on each side with one center. We would catch fish after fish using garlic sausage coil pieces. Who knew fish liked sausage? None of us really knew how to fish because our brother, who was the real pro fisherman was suppose to be with us. Showing us what to do. Our heart saddened every time we thought of him back home and wanting to be with us. If it was not for his dialysis, this trip he planned would have been so much better! His dying wish was his insistence that we go for this week holiday. We just couldn’t help our hearts pain of him suffering with his dialysis and chemo while we were on his dream vacation. The days were passing fast. When your at work, time stands still. When your on a holiday, time flies! Our beautiful weather held out until the before we were suppose to leave. A massive storm was headed our way and all houseboats were being warned over the radio dispatch. Precautions and warnings including step by step safety rules of how to handle the boat through the oncoming storm played over and over on the dispatch radio. Thankfully Marcus knew his stuff! We would have to quickly find a beach and ram it head on while keeping the boat gassed on full throttle ahead. When the waves would come crashing us from behind Marcus would have to try to keep the boat face first towards the beach. If for any reason the boats back end would start drifting towards the beach meaning the boat would be parallel along side the beach, the massive waves could flip us and we would not be able to start the motor. The back end would be on the beach making it too shallow. Starting the motor in shallow rocks and sand would definitely break it. If that happened we would be at the mercy of the waves which was very dangerous. There would be no way out other than to radio for a tow and wait over six hours for them to arrive. Marcus did an unbelievable unbelievable job keeping us safe and properly handling the boat through the entire storm. By the evening, the storm passed and the waters were calm again. We spent our last evening gutting and packing the many fish we caught to show off to our brother that we were not pros like him and caught all these large fish anyways! Packing to leave was so strenuous but at least we had more help this time. We checked out, gassed up our cars and began the long convoy home! What a beautiful mini vacation that was!